Why Choosing the Right Parkour Apparel is Important

Here at Infinity Parkour, we know that to be an effective freerunner you need to be wearing high-quality, comfortable clothing.

We also know, though, that a major problem in parkour today is the fact that people simply blend into the background. In photos and videos - almost without exception - people look generic and boring. With Infinity Parkour, we wanted to change that. So we added distinctive, high-end, interesting, and yes - unique - designs to our store. When you wear Infinity Parkour apparel, you're instantly identifiable as a part of the #InfinityFlyer family. What's exciting for us is that our journey never ends. There's always more ideas flowing around the office about new designs, new styles, new products, and new colors.

We want to involve you, though. If you head to the form linked here. (https://infinityparkour.com/pages/suggestions), and throw us a suggestion about a product or design you'd like to see, and we take your suggestion, we'll send you a $5 discount code, redeemable store-wide. 

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